Your 2008 Champion Nor'easters...

14 Dudes...1 Cab

A YouTube Look at Day 5, Championship Sunday, of the 2008 Nor'easters... Champs

(ed note: We thank Mike "The Trooth" Olkin for technical assistance with YouTube)

Nor'easter Box scores, stats and stories

A new year, and a healthy, re-tooled... (I said tooled)... Nor'easter Team landed in Tampa at high noon January 23rd, on a cool but balmy sunny day (refreshed from some quality Sleep in our first class cabins). MonCap met us, as is the custom, and the happy Men of Nor'easter Blue headed South to Sarasota, and 5 days of baseball. Hallelujah!
Luckily for us, we travel with the Jedi Knight of JBL, documenting Fantastic Travel Treasures for the Nor'easter archives. Winter 2008

With the Nor' never Know

Speaking of Nails, his teammates couldn't help notice his 'Traveling Secretary' with him on the flight down. He introduced her as Camella Towe ; pronounced CamELLa . OK Nails, whatever. I am sure she was selected for her organizational talents, and not that she was extremely HOT.
The there was Supe's friend, Bronson. He was waiting for us near the Baggage carousell holding a sign around his neck, "SUPE". He hung out with us all week, and got into a game as well. I think MonCap just wanted to shut him up. So here are some game recaps and pictures for you to enjoy while waiting for Summer 2008 at Herlihy.

The Team