At the Stadium...Game 1

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Game 1 at the Stadium is a first for us. The Sharks were a Pool team, but John said they had some good players, and most importantly, some pitching. Joltin', MonC, Nails,

But, the Sharks weren't very organized at the start of the game, and they pitched a volunteer. This isn't a good idea, in a Tournament, vs. a good team...

Ball One...

Wow, we're finally playing. The feeling in my body is unique to Big game day, the only time I feel quite like this. The day is foggy and cool, good baseball weather.
The tall hurler for the Sharks pitches from the stretch, kind of leaning back. He induced a pop up from "Mike" on his first or second pitch, and the game was on.
Grass took a couple of pitches from the righty, and with each pitch, the Shark pitcher looked more and more uncomfortable. Grass walked. So did Supe. That poor bastard walked 8 batters in that Hell of an inning, giving up 6 runs on 1 hit, a single by Ski (starting a week of torrid MVP hitting). The Nor'easters cruised on a Bullet 7 hitter.

Hit for Show...Pitch for Dough

Nor'easters 18, Sharks 5