On to the Complex ...Game 2...The Thunder Rematch

Back Home Getting Ready for the Thunder

The weather is still cool. Fine by me; gives us a chance to get used to the Florida weather, that will be surely coming soon. Thunder vs Nor'easters. This year's version is the Kinder, Gentler, Thunder. Not to mention they are without, argueably, the 3 best pitchers in the Tournament. Last year Bullet and Supe were hurt and we got smoked.
Play ball


Oh, Warriers...come out and playyyyyaaayyyyy. Click, click, click, click, click...
This year the Thunder are missing their big crab claw, but replacing it, was a strange protuberance called 'Vinny'. His pitching style was reminescent of a good Provincetown bartender; exotic servings served in a strutting distracting style. To be honest, if i could pitch like that I would. We have trouble with the kooky pitchers, and Vinny would keep the Thunder in the game right to the end.

'We ain't losin' this game'

We can't, not to the Thunder. But after 7 Brilliant 2Tee innings the score was only 2-1 Nor'easters. And both Sammy and Omar had hit BOMBS in their last at-bats. They would be coming up in the 8th and 9th.
( Ed note: Not to mention that 2Tee had annoyed the umpire to the point that he wouldn't get another call from the guy. It seems that even though it had rained hard all night, Ricky was demanding a dry ball after every batter. After all, would Kurt Shilling have to work like this??!! The umpire thought it was funny for a few innings until he figured out Ricky was actually serious).
Bullet had already taken his warmup jacket off, and was warming up in the bullpen behind the Nor'easter dugout, waiting for instructions from MonCapitan.

MonCap gave the ball to Bullet in the 8th, and our MVP responded by retiring the Thunder 1-2-3 in the top; this was inportant, keeping Sammy and Omar on the bench. With a 1-run lead, you don't want to face them with men on base. In the bottom of the 8th, Nor'easter Rookie Grass greeted new pitcher Bobby Grahm (Vinny injured himself in the 7th) with a leadoff triple... Clutch....
Ribbi base hits by Supe, 2Tee, Ice, and Fluff followed. This was enough for Bullet, who retired the dangerous Omar and Sammy in the top of the 9th. Red hot hitter Bobby Grahm singles and Black Coffee followed with a base hit. Too little too late for the Thunder. Bullet K'd Wally to end the game.

An Extraordinary Play

Nor'easters 8, Thunder 1