Friends of Pioneer Valley Regional HS Baseball

...And Local Baseball play at Pioneer Valley HS Varsity field.

Local Baseball is Good for Everyone

The friends of Pioneer are creating an advertising space for local merchants to show their support for Pioneer Valley Regional HS Baseball (and local baseball) by purchasing advertising panels on 4 x 8' areas attached to portable fence sections that will enclose the PVRHS Varsity baseball outfield.

These sections will lend a nice ambiance to the beautifully maintained fields and provide an advertising opportunity for your business. We have sold about 20 of the 37 available spots, and we appreciate your support. These panels will be displayed during the Pioneer Regional Baseball and Football seasons, as well as the PVOTB baseball league during the Summer months. The cost of the panel is $425.00 and will be displayed for 3 years.

Thank You,
Friends of Pioneer Baseball
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Advertising Sponsors

For information on how you can participate, contact Robert Englehardt(email) (413 665 2233) or Pres Pieraccini(email) (413 774 4921)

Building The Fence

The Fence in Action