BrideGrooms Jilt Hitmen in 5th

Brooklyn Bridegrooms take game 1 (Series 5) from Harlem Hitmen at Herlihy Field


90 minute Groom Rally too much for Hitmen

By Frank N. Stein

DATELINE: Whately, MA, August 3, 2006:   Hello again Baseball fans. The newspaper Strike is Over and the World is right again!! Since we last visited, the St Louis Browns and the Milwaukee Braves played to a standoff tie and the Hammer and Nails Series was played, with the Victorious Nails, carrying off the Stanley Cup sized Hammer and Nails Trophy.
Oh, and the previous week we played a 9 inning Game, are you kidding me?! ...So, on to August Baseball, pennant races, playoffs, and the Biggest Event of the Summer!....The Nor'easter (we blow!!) Challenge Series. Coming soon..Don't miss it.

9 innings Baby!


It's Quiet out there...Too Quiet

 The visiting Bridegrooms would send 2Tee, Fluff and Hammer up to face Hitman Illustrious Hurler par Excellance and erstwhile Nationals pitchman, Tony Maspo. The night was beautiful, and Hot, it had been all week, and 2Tee got things going by lofting a high fly ball to left for the first out.

Mas was featuring a purty good slider, and dispatched Fluff and Hammer with no trouble.

     The Bridegrooms countered with none other than Ricky 2 Tee. Ricky, fresh off his 3rd stint on the DL, was ready to go. With his concoction of Advil, Hot salve and his VooDoo rabbit foot he stood on the Hill facing the Red Hot Hitman, Bad Billy deSanty.
Billy, having a career year, stroked the first 2 Tee offering to Supe at short, and the Hitmen first inning was a go.

The suspended Dentist greeted Ricky with a single for the first hit of the game. After the mighty Ice K'd, Nighter walked and Mas singled, loading 'em up. The game's first threat.
Ricky buckled down and induced an infield Pop up from Danny, and the threat ended there.
After 1, 0-0

The Bridegrooms got to work on Tony Mas in the 2nd. After Chap grounded into a 6-3, Nails and Tiger Pat (a TNB hitting machine) singled, which brought up SuperJ, never a happy sight for a pitcher pitching from the stretch. But Mas got Supe on a high loft to center, escaping damage temporarily. This brought up new TNB'er Mad Dog, who promptly singled in nails with the first run of the game. Mas retired Marty, threat over. Ricky cruised thru the Hitman 2nd, and after 2 it was 1-0 Bridegrooms.

The Inevitable Hit Parade

Mark Chap took the ball for the Bridegrooms in the 3rd.

     With the light fading, the Braves have a seventh inning rally snuffed when Tony Maspo is gunned down at the plate trying to score.   He then goes to his closer for the last of the seventh to try and preserve the tie.   Accompanied by the sounds of a whirring drill, Clint ‘The Dentist” Wells takes the hill to a Mark of Hammerraucous reception.   Duse leads off and is quickly in a 0-2 hole, having a brief “discussion” with ump ‘ Pesci’ over the validity of a called strike two.   He then laces ‘The Dentist’s’ next pitch to left for a single.   Hammer follows and hits a chopper to the right that just eludes Clint’s reach, and that Duse jumps over as it sneaks through the infield, Duse continuing on to third as the ball rolls in to short right field.   He now represents the winning run as Jeff Lawrence steps in.   Jeff chops Clint’s second pitch toward first baseman Pat Johnson as Duse breaks for the plate.   Pat comes up firing to catcher ‘Icehouse’ who takes the throw but can’t quite get the tag down on a sliding Duse, the Browns thus sealing up the first game of the series with an exciting 11-10 win.   Game two promises to be just as topsy-turvy, see ya at the Ballfield!