TNB 2006 Game Reports
Hole Rally
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May 25, 2006

Isotopes vs Black Holes...Series 2 ..Game 1

Two new teams, The Isotopes led by Kenny vs the Fluffy led Black Holes. Once again, warm, fine weather for the game. The Black Holes pulled away in the middle innings to take the Series opener 13-5. This game will be most noted for the famous "Tripod Shot " of Nails, Nighter and Duse.

See you next week!

Photo Action from Game 1

Photo Action from Game 2

  • Nighter to Wally
  • Fum Scores
  • Pavillion Rain Delay
  • Wally and Al
  • The Dentist and his Posse work out in the rain and lightening

    June 8, 2006

    Isotopes vs Black Holes Game 3

    Here's hoping for good weather. Didn't get it. Out first rainout caused by the unstable Storm front that has been torturing us for 3 weeks. Next week, Milwaukee braves vs St Louis Browns.

    Amazing Images from this Baseball game