TNB 2006 Game Reports
Bench Night and Supe Duse, Tony and Mike

May 4, 2006 Opening Night

Series 1 ....Big Blue vs Vger

Big Blue vs. V'Ger...Game 1

It was a PERFECT night for baseball as the TNB 2006 Season opened at beautiful Herlihy Field in Whately, Massachusetts. Miserable weather on Tuesday caused the cancellation of the PVOTB openers, and QVOTB opens this weekend; so we had the honour of being the inaugural Game of 2006 Local Baseball.

Umpire in Chief Pesci said, "Play Ball!", Supe threw the first pitch and Billy DeSanty took the first swing. Let the record show that Billy hit a sharp grounder to Todd Irzyk, who fielded it cleanly and threw over to Hammer at first. One out, and the Summer spread out in front of us. Supe worked around the Season's first hit, a Bryan "Mr Controversy" Lehr single, and V'Ger grabbed the sticks.

With the resplendent Nightman on the mound for Big Blue, Fluffy took the first swing for the visiting V'Ger and flew out to left. Mon Capitan popped to 2nd, and SuperJ K'd. After 1, no score.

Big Blue scored the first 2 runs of the season in the botton of the 2nd. With 1 out, Mark Chapdelaine singled and MMart worked a walk. Supe repaid Nightie by striking him out; 2 outs. With 2 outs and 2 on, Pat Johnson fisted a looper about 30 feet in back of the second base bag. Todd and Fluffy converged on the point of probable impact. Supe yelled, "Call it!!" ...Fluffy's mind went blank!, except for the thought, "Good Fluffy must catch ball!" ...."I got it!..I got it!"... Fluff called Todd off, and the ball fell just past Fluff's glove (Bad Fluffy!!) and safely to the ground. Pat Johnson had the year's first 2 RBI's. Pat was stranded after a Kap single and a Tony Maspo FC. After 2, 2-0 Big Blue.

The 2nd inning would be the last lead Big Blue would see for the rest of the night. The entire V'Ger lineup was grippin' and rippin' tonight, en route to a 20-2 run. The highpoint of the onslought was Todd Irzyk's BOMB! to deep left center in the 5th. Todd launched an isotope ball nearly to the Deep Pavillion for a Tater. The game was official after 6 innings (Darkness) , the last 2 with the yellow Isotope baseballs. The final score was 20-4 V'Ger, but a good time was had by all.

See you next week!

Photo Action from Game 1

Photo Action from Game 2

  • Ready to GO
  • Kap, Night, Nails
  • Pesci Getting a Good Look
  • Clint "The Dentist" Wells awaits his NEXT Victim
  • Ned on First after HIS Trip to the "Dentist"

  • May 18, 2006

    Big Blue vs Vger Game 3

    Big Blue busted out quickly in the Rubber Game of 2006 Series 1 on some shaky fielding by Vger and clutch hits by Tony Maspo and Mark Chapdelaine in the 2nd inning. But the 5th and 6th innings belonged to Vger, as Steve Chapman, Ken Sloat, and Joe Clutier got clutch hits, launching Vger past the tough Big Blue 8-5 on a clear warm night at Herlihy on May 18, 2006.

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