Short Hike to Roaring brook

The Summer really isn't hiking season....Too hot and too buggy for a long hike through the woods. But, if the destination is a cool beautiful river or lake, then a short battle with flies and mosquitos isn't out of the question.

A Perfectly Good Saturday

Since the morning baseball game was rained out for about the 10th time, and the weather cleared early (surprise!), Bugs and I headed for Whately Glen, and Roaring brook. The day started to feel like New England in the Summer, and not Seattle.

It seems like such a long time since it was summer around here. I hadn't been up in the Glen in more than 10 years and I had planned this hike late last Fall. Hatfield, Whately and Conway are laced with seldom used dirt roads and trails that are perfect for bike riding or hiking with a buddy.