Whately Pioneers 16, New Hampshire Granite 2

Road Trip to Nashua just what the base ball Doctor ordered

This An Elmsianwas the first action for the Whately Pioneers since August 2. The season is winding down and the Granite is a team we have been trying to play for 2 years. We have had many good battles this Summer, and we have had some nice victories, but also more tough losses. We are still learning, but I think we are becoming a good tight outfit with enough skill and heart, plus Chemistry.

Roadtrip to Nashua!

It's great to be in the baseball mobile again. Friends on the road. Soon we'll be playing a new team in a new place. The only thing troubling Buck right now is the absence of Bug who would be on this trip. He passed away 17 days ago. Rt 2 East, Route 3 North baby!

Sure don't look rusty

The Lads and Lass of the Pioneers had a great attitude taking the field. It was a Hot late August day and this was exactly where we should be. I know the feeling.
In the 4th inning of a tight 1-1 game, Bullet ignited the Pioneer blast furnace with a Bullet-Classic triple to right center, scoring the flying Spider who led off the 4th with a single.
The rest of the game was all Pioneer, as Termie, Spider and Nails went 11-15 driving in 8 Aces. Turk, Termie amd Bullet were magnificent and the Pioneers taste victory since a June 19 13-11 victory over the Skipmucks.