Arks 8, Schooners 6

Rain Finally Stops! Bouton makes impressive debut...Arks take series 2-1

First, An ElmsianI have to inform you that Bug passed away at 3 pm this afternoon in the Office of Dr. Victoria Howell. He was stricken while warming up for the evening's game. He collapsed in left field at approximately 1:45 pm while walking from the home bench area over to join Buck, who was doing some pre-game field work. Bug was taken to his Doctor, Dr. Victoria Howell, who explained to Buck that Bug was in cardio pulmonary failure and would not recover. Bug had been in failing health, and was scheduled to see a pulmonary specialist at Tuffs Medical center on Friday. Bug would have wanted the game to go on as scheduled, so we did.
Tonight featured Jim Bouton's pitching debut after 15 years of retirement, and no way would Bug want to stop the game from going off as scheduled. Bug loved the game and it loved him right back.

OK, Time to Play

TNB has been inviting Bulldog to pitch for 5 years and finally 'Dog' has felt the itch enough to come down off the mountain and air it out again. He has had a couple of Vintage base ball tuneups, but this is his first view of an enemy batter from 60' 6" for many a moon.

Dog went the distance and got better and better as the game progressed, giving up 0 earned runs over the final 6 frames. This was a bittersweet day, one that this reporter will never forget. The game was an excellent TNB match with the final Schooner batter grounding out to 3rd with the tying runs aboard.

The TNB players were shocked about the news of Bug's passing. Bug had never missed a TNB game, and the players, especially the veteran TNB players who had played 7 seasons with him, expressed their sadness and condolances to Buck.

Bug 1993-2009

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