Hammer and Thongs vs Goddamnits Game 1

Goddamnits 7 , Hammer and Thongs 6...9 innings June 4, 2009
TNB goes 9 for the first time this year

First Blood As TNB journeys into June, a fresh series was on tap for the occasion. We had 2 1/2 hours of daylight to play with, maybe we could go 9. The first 3 innings went quickly as Supe and Dog for the Damnits and AbeRod and Cat for the Thongs pitch efficiently.

First Blood, ...Man Bites Dog

The Thongs drew first blood off Supe in the 1st on a Taggert tally and second blood off Dog in the top of the 4th as Petey, Jon, Tagg, Trooth, Fry, Melvin, did damage to the Dog, who threw in a couple of self inflicted wounds. But just before we were going to put Dog to sleep, he woke up and fanned Cat, and retired Nails on a pop. But the Thongs had plated 5, and took the field all smiles. Petey held serve and after 4, 6-1 Thongs.
Big G knocked in an Ace in the 6th off the tough Melvin, who was sporting a nice curveball, and Bart manufactured a run with an Ichiro tater in the 7th closing the Gap to 6-3 after 7. With darkness closing in, Hammer and Buck had the hill for the Thongs and Damnits, for the final 2 frames.

Bring out the Yellow Balls

Buck managed a quick top of the 8th, and good thing, cuz it was getting dark. Kappy, Supe, Dog, Big G and Nighter plated 2 for the Damnits in the bottom of the 8th to set the stage for the 9 th inning. The first one of the year at a Herlihy night game.