Whately Pioneers at Forest Park Walker Grandstand Longmeadow, Ma. 6/18/11

Rabbit Moranville Invitational Tournament

The Babe

We Love this Tournament

I hope the Whately Pioneers are always a part of this Tournament. This is the second annual Rabbit Moranville Tournament organized by State Rep Bruce Stebbens and played at Walker Grandstands in Forest Park in Longmeadow, Ma. We are already invited back to play in 2012 on June 16 and 17. The First Ball was thrown out by a local man who was Rabbit's team mate with the Braves. He was 90 something and looked great.

The First Game...Pioneers-Simsbury

Nice and warm, not too hot, summer almost here, what a Blast. Dog's in the House, Ricky Bobby in the Pen, so our Hurling is all set. The top 5 strikers in the Pioneer order raked the Taverneer Hurlers, led by Spider. We retired to the baseball mobile flotilla behind the Stadium for a fun beer inning and were looking forward to tomorrow's match vs. arch-rival Wheelmen.
Pioneers 13, Taverneers 4



The Second Game...Pioneers-Wheelmen

Oh, Boy, Deathball, here we go again. Give the Westfield Wheelmen a crowd, and you will see Andele in the square, 50 feet from the opposing striker. Ricky Bobby had the tough assignment today and he was marvelous, and magnificent. In the 9 frames, Ricky Bobby surrendered 5 hits, while Andele gave up 10. Pioneers Pickle and Murph went 7-7 between them, unfortunately, the rest of us were 3-25 off the seed throwing lefty. As usual, the Wheelmen capitalized on their meager opportunities and turned them into 4 Aces, and that was enough. Great Match.
Wheelmen 4, Pioneers 1