Nightmen Roar Back for Victories in Games 2 and 3

Take First Series of 2010, 2 Games to 1

Albie, Al and PescGame 2

The Nightmen pounded the Johnsons early and often for a decisive Victory in Game 2 of the 2010 TNB Season, 18-9. The Nightmen were rolling along with a 13-2 lead when starting pitcher Nightman ran into trouble in the 4th inning.
Cat, Kap, Barbara, Q, Newt, and Irish greeted the Dark One with base hits before Nighter said 'No Mas' and desperately called on Maddog to stop the rally at 3 tallies.

The Johnsons added 2 more runs off rookie closer Jose in the 6th to end the scoring for the night.

Nightmen 18, Johnsons 9

Box Score May 6, 2010

Game 3

Wow, These guys suck ....don't they BaolyThe Nightmen continued their winning ways with a 19-8 thrashing of the Johnsons to take the series 2 games to 1. Killer, Trooth, Dog and Sutman crossed the plate 14 times in a blur of Tallies. Nightman and Dog held the Powerful Johnsons to a mere 9 runs paced by Cat and Pete 'Johnson' Anderson's 5 border crossings. I will say that Cassidy and the K9's buddy and Baily had an excellent evening.

Nightmen 19, Pete's Johnsons 9

Box Score