Whately Pioneers at The Colt Meadows Invitational 5/29/11


A Double Header Match at the Ball grounds at Colt Meadows in Hartford, and as usual, the Colt Meadows Invitational has July weather in late May.

The Atlantic BBC

The Atlantics hail from Brooklyn and are an interesting collection of happy-go-lucky dudes and mercenary quality ball players. They had some good hitters and maybe the longest bomb of the year was konked by one of their strikers. However, Dog kept the BBC's at bay, and we had a nice run at them in the middle innings to keep them chasing the Pioneers. We held on for a 7-5 match win; which was, apparently, the only loss Ever for the Atlantic BBC. We had to stop arter 8 innings due to time restraints (the Colt Meadows events are not awesomely scheduled), and the BBC's actually wanted to play the 9th inning at the end of the 6 hour, 95 degree day. They were shocked that they actually lost a Match. But, seriously, we had a party to head off to.


The Senators were resplendant in the Hartford whites, and had the full squad. They would be formidable, especially since this was our second game and they were fresh as a daisy, on this brutally hot afternoon.

We seemed pretty frisky in the top of the first, when CJ, Connie, Spider, Lord, and Babe led off with hits off a very good hurler. A Ricky Bobby shot to the Hartford 3rd sacker doubled Babe off first, and Hands followed with another safety. When the dust cleared, the Pioneers had a 4-0 lead going into the bottom of the frame. It could have easily been 6-0. The Senators were already surley, and the game was 20 minutes old. Even the usually affable Senator catcher was bitchy.

Nine Long HOT Innings of Death Ball

Well, this version of the Senators are very good and they took no time getting 2 Aces back in the first. As a matter of fact, they put up a crooked number every odd inning as their hurler FOFO settled into a nice performance using a nice heater and curve ball. Our Turk hung in there for 6 hard innings and Ricky Bobby hurled a clean 8th. Down by three runs in the 9th, Ole' Reliable Spider drove in CJ and Constable, and was standing on second as the Rookie slugging sensation Lord lofted a very high long drive to left garden. This drive is easily muffed, and we muffed one exactly like it in the 7th inning, costing us 2 runs. As Spider thundered around 3rd with the tying ace, the left fielder circled under the descending leather and yarn spheroid as all the Senators and Pioneers watched the play. He catches the ball, the Senators win. He muffs the ball, the Pioneers make a new game if it. Well, the left fielder made the play and we groaned as the Senatord sighed relief. Senators 8, Pioneers 7. Time for Barb's pool.