Catnips vs Buckinghams Game 3

Catnips 10 , Buckinghams 3...after 6 May 21, 2009
Buckinghams Surrender at Beer inning

TNB was thinking BIG and were going to just continue Buck's mind is blown...I must help the epic battle of May 7 and play it the the bitter end, but The Frontier JV's were busy blowing a 7th inning lead 'en route to a lunch losing 11-7 loss to end their scholastic season. To add insult to injury, they also changed TNB's plans and robbed us of 2 innings of play as they were dragging out their own execution at the hands of Marhar Regional.

Poor Gary, coach of the Red Hawks, needed some love after the game. But I couldn't provide any as I had had a bad week and had no surplus love to give. Sometimes you are out there all alone on ice-flow loser. A voyage I have made solo on many occasions. It is why I no longer drink beer.

Eventually we resumed TNB, but we went to Game 3 of the Catnip vs Buckinghams at approximately 6:23 pm. Valuable time lost. My mood was meager, and the only cure I know of was about 6 innings of TNB baseball. So, let's get to it.

Catnips Waste NO Time

Catnip himself took the ball for the 'Nips and Hypno-'niped the Buckinghams in quick order in the top of the first. But before the fans had settled in their seats, the Catnips blew the game open with blasts by Magma (always a pain in the neck in a TNB game, right up there with 'Dog and Supe) , Mancake, 'Dog, Mr Mayor, Squeaky and Trooth. The Catnips had been hitting the Catnip bag hard, because they did the same thing in the 2nd with the same cast of Characters and after 2 the game was a laugher (except for Buck) 7-0. With the theraputic help of Eddie, 'Core and TNB in general, Buck was in his first good mood of the week by the end of the game.

Thank You, TNB
We can't be stopped,...only contained