Catnips vs Buckinghams

Catnips 7, Buckinghams 4 April 30, 2009

This is the earliest game TNB has ever had and we were ready for some real action, Domeball had ended 4 weeks ago. Corr hitsThat is too long between games.

Chef had the privelige of throwing 2009's first pitch to magma, and for the record, it was ball one. Soon there after, Magma had the season's first base hit. The Catnips would tally 3.

The Buckinghams jumped on the Dog for 3 Aces of their own, and the first inning was in the Books as a 3-3 knot. The Catnips would pull away for a 7-4 win, with Dog havibng the last bark as the winning pitcher and Magma having to stop at the testing tent after his 3-4, 2 ribbi's , 2 stolen bases and sterling play in center.

Catnips take game 1