Opening Night 2010-11

Vols Elude Buddies for 7 innings...Eaten in the Eighth New svelt Foggy

We open our 9th season in the Dome (8th League Season) at a new time 7PM (about time) and with 2 new players (CJ and Adam). But mostly it is a reunion of Veteran Dome Players eager to play some baseball after a month or two off.

2T and SuperJ are the managers for the opener and carefully drafted their squads to survive the unique demands of Dome Baseball. Well, Supe did, Ricky used the Ouija Board that he carries around on top of his shoulders (it looks surprisingly like a head!) Ricky had first pick in the Draft and also won the coin flip to be home team. Things are going 2T's way! So, let's get It On!

Who Had The First Inning??

We love Ricky.
"Hey, use your fu*king glove!!"

Somebody had Ricky in the first, and won the pool 5 minutes into the game. This was the fastest meltdown since I believe '06 when the Ricky Melt was enjoyed in the Clubhouse before the first game in Florida. Awesome

Xman starts where he left off

Xman ripped the games first pitch into center for a single, officially beginning his and Supes annual race for the batting Title. Termie reached on an E6, Supe singled in the years first RIBBI and Web reached on the aforementioned E6 melt.
Luckilt for Ricky, Buck rapped into a perfect 6-4-3 DP and Turk whiffed, so the damage was contained at 3, but the Vols were already down, and the Buddys were licking their chops.

CJ is very very Fast

The Vol 1st started like expected with the terminator award winning terminator, terminating Magnito and GSpot. CJ destroyed a Termie fat heater into space in RC and took a wide turn at first. The Vol CF threw in back of CJ and he scooted to second, beating the throw. CJ is the only player I know that that would not have been a bad play. He beats every throw. Safe. CJ stole third and then home on a delayed steal as Buck threw the ball back to termie from the catcher position. 3-1 Buddys.

The Rest of the Game

This is how the game stayed until the 8th, as the Vols surprisingly fended off thr Buddy's canines. 2T and Chap were tough for the next 7 innings. The 'D' wabbled under Catnip in the 8th and 9th as the Buddys pulled away for the 12-1 win. But a good game it was for 7.