Logan's Run Day 1

Miguels Dropped by SuperDelicious...Papi-runner Eludes Sandman for 7th Time

I will catch the Papi Runner... lastday for papiWhile the Superdelicious were outsmarting the Muguels 9-5 Monday Night, the Dome was once again the scene of an Epic Drama from the year 2116 between a Runner (Papi) and a Sandman (ECK3). Somehow the Dome on Monday Night has become an opening to the Time-Space-Continuoum.

Twilight Zone and...

Tonight was a fairly typical Domegame going into the bottom of the 5th, with the Miguel's down 2-1. Isaac had the hill for the Miguels, so we kind of figured on a few walks and a few strikouts. When Isaac's inning turned into 5 walks and 2 strikouts, he wisely handed the ball to Captain Magma who then handed the ball to Noodles to get the last out.
...... de DA Dee dee...de DA Dee dee...de DA Dee dee... we all heard the Theme to the Twilight Zone start. Then with 2 Noodles strikes on Termie...AHHHHHHHHhhhharRRRRRGGGgrrrhhhhhhh....here comes EcK rumbli'n, stumbli'n gainin speed and launching himself toward home.
" What", Noodles thought to himself, "Is something wrong?...I think it is"
Yes, something was wrong, Eck's break for home had frozen Noodles gears, and he watched as Eck scored to the cheers of his teammates.
The very next pitch was in the dirt and Buck scrambled to his left and grabbed it as Chap came halfway down the line. Buck reared back to throw to third, but wait!!, there was nobody there! Buck saw a defender streaking toward the bag and let the ball fly. The ball, Chap and the 3rd baseman reached the bag at exactly the same instant as the ball ricocheted off Chaps helmet into left. Chap got up and scored and GSopt right behind him. Termie squibbed Noodles next offering back to Nood near the mound for a 1-3 and the 3rd out, to complete the 4 pitch Masterpiece.

...Logan's Run in One Night

Hi Papi Runner...Sandman ECK3 says come to the Sleepshop..The Papi-Runner appeared in the 7th. Like he has on 6 other occasions, he was attempting to avoid the 'sleepshop', well past his 'lastday'. Tonight the Sandman's gun would surely find the Papi-runner before he made it safely home for his 7th escape. Papi ducked just under the Sandman's first shot as he slid into second, the gunshot bouncing high over Papi-runner's head. Moments later Papi-runner was safe at third as he dove for cover when the Sandman's second shot sailed wide. Within seconds, Papi-runner was making the Run for his life toward home. But, would his Run end finally???
..SAFE!! Papi-runner lives again! Seven escapes is noteworthy. Eight will get him to the escape Rocket and a new life. Stay tuned for...

Papi's Run....

Game 2..SuperDelicious Sweep Miguels 13-11

The Supers destroyed Buck's pathetic excuse for pitching in the 5th inning for a 5-run barrage, while holding on to win the game and sweep the Miguels. The game was interesting and had twists, such as an early 6-3 Muguel lead. Muguel manager Magma held a closed door meeting with the team following the game. The usually mild mannered Magma was visibly pissed after the game.