Hammers vs Nails

Washout of pivotal game 3 creates Draw

Hammers win Game 1 in 9th, Nails criuse to game 2 Victory

Duse Drives home Kenny in 7th as Bullet cut ball off

Late Game 1 Rally for the tough Nails

September 24th , 2005 Herlihy Field, Whatley, Mass.

Game 1

hammers 15, nails 11
by Grubbs Nerkle

The Hammers were cruising along without a care in the world to the tune of 7-0 when the Nails slipped it into gear. The whole lineup started hitting in the last 4 innings and finally tied the score off Supe and his Hammer compadres in the 9th. The Nails were blistering Supe with serious trash talk while passing Duse's inhaler back and forth.

Late Nails Rally

Supe maintained his dignity through all this, and achieved a degree of satisfaction watching the Bullet Bob Ichiro Home Run in the bottom of the 9th.

As Bullet crossed home plate on a passed ball, SuperJ got to point out to the Huffing Nailers, that their 5 run rally off him, merely made him the winning pitcher. AND, kicked in an important incentive clause in his contract with the Hammers, making him $33 richer. CHA-CHING!! FACE Nailers!!


Game 2

nails 13 , hammers 9
by Grubbs Nerkle

October 1st , 2005 Herlihy Field, Whatley, Mass.