Isotope rally Fizzles..Colt 45's prevail 4-2, take Series

Teams trade scratch runs, "Fluffy" in Dog House

Danny and Todd Face off Danny lookin Good

Pesci to unvail "A line a close for Umps" this Fall

July 28 , 2005 Herlihy Field, Whatley, Mass.

The 'Topes had their electrons against the wall Thursday Night, and needed a BIG effort to beat the Nightman-Led Colt 45's. The Isotopes were drilled but good by the Guns last Thursday and needed some offence.
Danny got the ball for the Iso's, and had to face tough hitters right away.

Todd led off the Colt 1st with a 2-bagger, and after a FC, was plated by Supe with a single. Supe, of course, stole second,. and Nightman walked. Excuse me if I get some of the facts wrong here, but I think Night got picked off for the 29th time this year, and somehow in the chaos, SuperJ got caught in a rundown that went 6-2-5-2-6-1 . A bit of luck for the Isotope "9", who haven't had much.

Britt had himself a BB and an Ichiro Home Run in the Gun 2nd, making the score 2-zip Colt 45's.
In the bottom of the 2nd, the Iso's finally scored . Al singled and was forced at 2nd by Fluffy's bouncer to short. Fluffy skedaddled to 2nd on the next pitch and scored on Ole Reliable, Mm's single. A potential tying run, Mm, was cut down at the plate by SuperJ on Danny's bouncer to short. After 2, 2-1 Guns.

Innings 3-7 were dominated by TNB pitchers and good defense. A frequent occurance these TNB days at Ole Herlihy . The Guns scratched a run in the 4th on the Red Hot bat of Duse and a FC. Which brings us to the 8th.

Duse, who was a thorn in the Side of the Isotope pitchers all night, doubled to right center with one out in the top of the 8th, and eventually scored on Britt's FC. So here we are, Colt 45's 4, Isotopes 1, last inning (botton 8), it's getting dark, and everyone can FEEL another TNB rally coming on . The Colt 45's know it, the Isotopes know it.

The Bottom of the 8th
Fluffy digs in and takes a Val fastball for strike 1! The next pitch is a slider that "The Fluffy" rips into left center for a single, and now the 'Topes are really feelin' it. Val, a lefty with a GREAT move to first, will keep Fluffy close. Fluffy, knowing he CAN'T!!! get picked off, must be careful, but STILL get a good jump to avoid the close force. So, with the scene set, Val makes his first pitch to the batt...WAIT!..he throws to first, and picks Fluffy clean!! "You're OUT!", says Pesci

Somewhere the birds are singing..
Somewhere the sky is blue...

But in Fluffy's head the Bees are buzzing
You're OUT, you foolish yute

Of course Mm reaches on an error, and so does Danny. The isotopes score 1 to make it close, but the rally was killed.
The Fluffy felt bad.

But there is always tomorrow here at TNB, redemption is just around the corner!

Random notes:
Apparently SuperJ called for the pitchout that nailed Fluffy.
According to Tony Maspo, Fluffy said, "I'm not runnin', Val has a good move"
Duse, Mm, Todd and JC hit well in the Isotope-Colt 45 series