Colt 45's beat Isotopes in Opener of Series 4

Isotopes decay in 1st and 5th, Drilled by '45's 13-2

Angered Isotope pitcher attacks game photographer, Game pics lost!

Nightman and Jeff enjoying the W at the Beer Inning The poor bastard Jeff is actually listening...

Pics and Recaps Below

July 21 , 2005 Herlihy Field, Whatley, Mass.

Colt 45's 13, Isotopes 2
by Grantland Thrice

With Nightman's Colt 45's loaded with some od TNB's finest, the Isotopes could ill afford to have a sub-par game. But that is what they did, and the results were a predictable 13-2 thrashing by the Colts!

The Isotopes had the sticks first, and were quelled quickly by the Dark One. Pres, JC and Mm were dismissed on 7 pitches and the Colts were up.

Todd hit a 3-1 fastball about as hard as you can hit a baseball. The Isotope center fielder had a play on it, but it was hit so hard it gave him trouble, and eluded him for a Triple. Val knocked Todd in with a single, and the Colts were on the board. Val took off on the second pitch to Supe and was gunned down on a close play at 2nd; Melissa making a tumbling swiping tag on Val. One out. Supe then launched one of his patented Big Flies. It too was catchable, but fell in, Supe reaching 2nd. Nightman, up next, continued his TNB MVP season by gapping a triple. Kenny reached back and K'd the dangerous Aa on an outside fastball but Ned Nadeau reached on an error scoring Nighter and giving the Colt 45's all the runs they would need on this night. Their pitching was that good!

The Isotopes remained strangely inert thru the first 3 innings; 2 harmless singles. But the Colts got busy again in the 3rd. John Kunhardt, Carlos, Todd, Supe, and Nightman collaborated on 4 more tallies, and the rout was on. Ken was again victim of an error.

The Isotopes tallied in the 4th and 5th. Singles by Pres, Mm and Dan Williams in the 4th, and singles by Hammer, Johnny Dennet and a FC by Melissa in the 5th.

Maybe a patented TNB comeback!
Not so fast!

In the Colt 5th, John Kunhardt got quickly down 0-2, then watched 4 straight wild curvballs from Pres for a walk. This was the end for the Isotopes; they could afford no more damage.
Pres buckled down and K'd the tough Carlos, but then wakled Todd and Val, loading the based. Supe checked-swinged an infield hit for a run. The Isotope wheels coming loose. Nightman hit a high sac fly for a run, and the 2nd out.
Aa then launched a 2-0 fastball to the Moon for the 11th and 12th runs, effectively ending the game. Supe, and Val for the Colt 45's, and Dan Williams for the Isotopes pitched effectively through the 8th, the game ending due to darkness. But this was a decisive Victory for Nightman's team!!
We'll see if the Isotopes can change their luck Thursday.

See you at Herlihy!



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