M & M Trail Section 18 pt 2

Richmond Rd., Northfield to Kidder Brook, heading South

Sun always shines on BugNovember 23 , 2003 (ed. note: Just a short hike today).

Last week we hiked across Kidder Brook from Old Winchester Rd. in Northfield, Ma. to the high ledges above it.
The M-M Trail passes across Old Winchester Rd., over a high ledges area with some great views, to Richmond Rd near the NH border. This week, we decided to find out what the North side of those ledges looked like, before proceeding into New Hampshire. We'll hike this short section South from Richmond Rd., back toward Kidder Brook after chimbing the ledges.

Today, we'll be in the woods for a couple of great hours. I remember that the day started with a headache and was gone within 20 minutes after heading out with Bug. To get to Richmond Rd, we cut across Rum Brook Rd from Old Winchester Rd. and headed North on Richmond Rd at Richards Mill Pond. This is a beautiful drive.

The Hike

We found the trail blaze as it entered the woods heading South. Rural Warwick, Royalston and Northfield are beautiful and unspoiled still. Bug led the way thru a vaguely marked open trail and there was quite a bit of water in the low spots. The day was starting to turn real nice and about a mile into the trek South, the trail started to elevate up the rocky ledges. We pretty much had to guess where the trail was and at times, I just followed Bug. Just past the ledges we stopped on a level part of the trail and took a few pictures. We could see a clearing ahead of us and another ascent, and as we entered the clearing a fellow solo hiker was coming our way. We chatted a bit and Bug posed for a picture with him. Just beyond here is the high ledge abobe Kidder Brook, and our turn-around point. We lingered here awhile before heading back. I would love to camp here.