Leverett to N Leverett via Rattlesnake Gutter

Let's get this show on the road!!!

Saturday Morning at the leverett Co-Op
"Bug meeting a brand new friend...sort of !"

Moores Corner N Leverett, Novmber 19, 2005

This hike is through a rugged Glacier carved, geologic upheaved part of ancient (by our standards) Leverett. Starting at Roaring Brook in East Leverett, today we will hike north for 5 miles to Moores Corner, Leverett via Brushy Mountain, Olde mill ruins, 200 year old homesteads and Rattlesnake Gutter.
Since this hike is a little long, we will leave our ride at the Leverett Village Co-Op in North Leverett and take Al's ride to the gate at Shutesbury Leverett Rd, just north of Roaring Brook. This is one of my favorite M-M hikes.

While we wait for Al to show up, Bug and I hang out at the Leverett Co-Op and Moores Corner, which is a cool little Village tucked away in the North Leverett hills. In a little while we will be hiking over an old towne road through an area where Villages like Moores Corner once existed, but have vanished, leaving behind stone walls, culverts, artifacts and cellar holes.

There is Wonder in section 14

All the M-M is wonderful, it is an improbable resource that we are very lucky to have and enjoy. Some of it contains wonders that stay with you for as long as your memory does. If you hike this section South to North, you will cross Mountain Brook, walk up a huge flat rock that looks like an ancient Roman aquafer, cross a stream near "Hill 1017" (ha!) that flows past the remnants of the Mill Dam that once used it for power, climb a narrow alley-like trail up the last hill before you get to Rattlesnake Gutter, then travel down the dirt road leading into Moores Corner Village and the magnificent Saw Mill River. The best back yard in New England is here, just before you get to the traveled part of rattlesnake Gutter Road. Here the Leverett Village Co-Op is a must visit. I would love to take my friend from Kentucky into the Co-op, he would dig it.

In Memory of Bug and Rudy, our best friends
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