M & M Trail Section 18 Part 1

Base of Mt. Grace to Kidder Brook

Yeah Dudes, ...I walk on water...I've been telling you thatNovember 16, 2003 (ed. note: A short hike on a beautiful November day).

In April we hiked the Section 17 trail up and over the Mt. Grace Summet. We'll start the Fall '03 season on Old Winchester Rd in Northfield/Warwick and hike North across Kidder Brook and the Hills and Ledges just beyond.

The Pothole Swamp was just barely frozen over and Bug amused himself walking on the thin ice. I was ready to give him a hand. There is an interesting Dell just beyond and an old stone wall that was part of an old homestead, I assume. The sun cast a spectral amber light over the whole scene as Bug and i took a lunch break. I would like to visit this spot again.

We retraced oursteps back to Winchester Rd, and next week i think we'll hike up here from Richmond Rd. near the NH border to the North .