The Champ

You can be on the top of the Heap for only so long. But when you are the BEST, it's sometimes easy to forget. Sometimes it's hard to push yourself away from that tasty dead squirrel, or that bag of Oreos you found behind the dumpster. Then, out of the Blue, you face a Challenge from a hungry Challenger. Not hungry for a doleout of one of Wally's grilled Lamb delights, but for the CROWN. YOUR CROWN.

Here's How it Happened..from the Champs Upcoming Memoires, "My Life on the Lamb..(chop)"

Bugs sizes up his mystery opponent

I remember it like it was last week, (actually it was), and I was swimming with my Bro Fluff. Then I look up, and there he was, at my swimming hole. No bark, no growl, nothin'. I could tell he was a rookie, so I sized him up, I knew it was ON!
Check This out..The Sizeup

I decided to go right to my Bug's mind meld to soften him up a little..Heh, heh, always works.
Check this out..The Bugs Mind Nummer

Well, he didn't seem to weaken, but i'm sure I put the fear into him. OK, show time, the stick swim. I am UNdefeated!...That Dude had a weird tail too
Check this out..I have perfect form

I get a great jump, perfect timing..(heh, heh, Fluff and I have a secret signal..) I am STRONG to the stick
Check this out..I am Soooo leading

I am bringing it home to Victory. Almost there, but I hear some splashing and grunting right behind me. Can that be ole' corkscrew tail right behind me?!
Check this out..This might be close!

Dang! He is. Gotta hustle now, kinda tired though. Where's the Bug's kick?!
Check this out..I am in trouble

I am pretty sure my paws touched the beach first, I hope the judges saw that too!
Check this out..Nice Tie!

Oh, Boy..The Judges are conferring. Man, this could go either way. If I win, I promise I will get back to training again. I'll switch to lo-fat ice cream, I swear!
Check this out..Who the Heck Won??

Well, I lost. I never even got that Dog's name, he just left, just like that..PooF! He'll probably just show up somewhere again to mess with me, so I better stick with the program. A run and a swim tonight with Fluff, maybe some pitchback. And then, OK, real Dog meal. But, I still have my fat contract and excellent crib. No worries!
Check this out..The ex-Champ ponders his future (in his luxury suite)






The classic Bugs starting form
They are off, Buge gets the "Bugs Jump"
No chance Rookie!! HAHA
The Champ tires!
An upset!!??