Whately Pioneers Vintage Base Ball Club

Rich 'Terminator' Bissell


Terminator comes to the Whately Pioneers from the Green Mountain State. We were passing through White River Junction on our way to a Barnstorming stop at Lake Winnapesaukee, when we saw a sturdy bearded man walking up the road. We couldn't help notice that we wasn't wearing any shoes, so we stopped and asked if he would like a ride somewhere, and where that might be. He said,
"Yea, a ride sounds good, and wherever you are going will be fine with me"
We told him where we were going and what we were going to do when we got there and he said,
"I can play Base Ball, if you need another player."

It just so happens that we recently lost Jigger, so we had a spot open on the team. You would think that we would have asked his name, we forgot to. But I am getting to that.
Pre-Game Warmup:
I ask the new guy what his name is and he says, Rich..ah...Bissell, but you can call me 'Terminator'. I make Shaker furniture.

Then Too Tee says:
"Ha! I know what that is, you make chairs for people who don't have sex! hahahahaha"
Terminator picked up the ball box, paced off 50 feet, and then started throwing balls like a machine gun at Too Tee, hitting him square in the chest with every one, then paused and said,
"I make furniture LIKE the Shaker people USED to make furniture".
Too Tee said "OK, OK, I see now, please stop"!

Bullet then said,
"Hey, you got pretty good aim, want to pitch ? What do yo say Buck"
I offered that it seemed like a very good idea, and the rest is History. You can look it up.
Oh, his name....Terminator. Well, Termie is a little "Different". He says he comes from the future, and that he won't go back. They make him do things he doesn't like to do, and that the future isn't someplace that we would like anyway.
Sure Termie. But, other than that, Terminator is a great teammate.

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