Atkins Resevoir to Leverett

Rudy looking for some advise, Bugs waits his turn

"Mon Capitan, can I make it?
"Sure you can Rudy, my man!"

January Hill... Leverett, Massachusetts... December 3, 2005

Well, it's December and we are down to 1 baseball game a week. Well, with a little extra time on our hands and some sparkling weather, there's nothing like spending some quality time with 3 friends. Which is exactly what we did last Saturday. Throw some sandwitches and a few maps in a knapsack and off we go.

The M-M Trail stretches from Agawam to Mt Monadnock, New Hampshire, and traverses some serene and beautiful countryside, mostly over private land. The hike we are taking takes us across most of Leverett, heading North over January Hill. With a nice view of East Leverett.

This is a watershed, and posesses some beautiful brooks and creeks, just Dog size. The section ends with a cross of Roaring Brook on a nice sturdy little wooden bridge. The light reflecting off Roaring Brook was special today.

Bugs and Rudy have been planning this hike for awhile now, and we thank them for letting us tag along.

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