M & M Trail Section 15

Leverett to Wendell with J, Sue and Bullet

Bullet's off-season workout

A warm November day, like Summer with no Bugs (I mean insects, of course we have Bug!)...Hikin' Time!

November 5 , 2005 The Bullet workout Trek from Leverett to Wendell (click for trail guide)

Players ask, "In this long 1 month off-season, what can I do to keek in tip-top game shape?"
So TNB asked Bullet how he keeps is such teriffic shape, and he was kind enough to give us a demonstration. "I prefer 'Mother Nature's Gym", meet me at the Leverett Co-op Saturday morning and i'll show you what I mean. Well we did that, and what a day it was! First, Bullet bought 5 lbs of goat cheese from one of the colorfull locals. Bullet knows everybody at the Co-op and spent about a half hour introducing us to all his interesting friends. Finally it was time to "Get to work". And Work we did!
The next 3 hours changed our lives, we'll never go to "City" Gyms again! It's mother Nature for us; I know it will put another few feet on B.Fluffy's Heater next season.
(ed. note: That didn't happen see: New England Orthopedic Surgeons )

See You Soon!

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