Nor'easters on the Road

An Evening with Borat

Early on at the Thunder Party

Well, we settled into our routine. Clubhouse, shower, check out cool Clubhouse stuff, then pile into the MonCapitan-mobile. Supe's job as navigator, is to get us to N Tuttle Ave , MonC's job, as surrogate Dad, is to bring us to the convenience store near the Hotel. We stock up on GatorAid, beer, soda, snack food, etc and then head back home. The Americ-inn.

Plan 'B'

As you know, we have declared this movie night. According to the PPView promos, Casino Royale is available. At 7, we'll head to the 'Bordello', now chez Nails and Ski, eat some Pizza and watch Casino Royale. Nails and Ski are handling the Pizza, seems like a plan. We have 2 hours to Hot Tub, drink, snack and speculate about Duse and Sandy.

At around 7, the revelers had arrived at the 'Bordello'. The 'Rosemary's Baby 9' was still in the Hot Tub, just outside the 'Bordello' Patio door and still raising Hell. MonC, Fluff, Ski, Nails, Ice, Duse and "Mike" were assembled around the 'Bordello' Entertainment Center. Chris and Hammer were out on the Keys, as were Kenny and Erin, and Supe had joined his Dad and Step mom Libby for dinner at Longhorns. So after polishing off the pizza, Fluff dialed into Pay Per View, and followed the 'easy' instructions to order the movie. Unfortunately, there were two small problems.

The first problem was trying to figure out how to pay. The instructions were bizarre. As it turned out, it was easy to do, but I swear the people who created the list of choices and instructions just wanted to piss you off so much that you would rip the goddamn phone out of the wall. Finally, in desperation, Fluff went out to the lobby to ask the attractive, young desk clerk for help buying the movie.
We tried like the Mighty Wind and she couldn't figure it out either, but did manage to get me a credit card refund. We came to the conclusion that Casino Royale wasn't actually available.

I forgive PamELa That was the second problem. I thanked her and told her the Nor'easters were down the hall in the 'Bordello' and we'd sign some stuff for her 'For Free'!, cuz she was so nice. While I was socializing with the nice desk clerk, 6 or so semi naked, beet red, fried 'Rosemaries' lumbered thru the lobby.
"Hey Fluff how come you weren't in the Hot Tub with us! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, how'd you guys do today?...hahahahahahahahahaha"
It was too late to tell the desk clerk that I didn't know them.
But not to worry. By the time Fluff got back to the Bordello, Nails had figured out how to order Borat!. Finally, we had our entertainment.


I guess a few words about Borat might be in order here.Until I saw this movie, 'Borat:Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorius Nation of Kazakhstan', I didn't know much about him. Duse and Supe, sometimes Nails, keep me up on present day culture on a 'need to know' basis.
Borat is one of several characters Sacha Baron Cohen has invented . They are: Borat, the Kazakh Television Journalist, Bruno, the Gay Austrian Television Journalist and Ali G, a Gangsta, Carribean, Afro, British 'Voice of de Yoof' interviewer. Mostly, his characters play off people who actually think he IS, who he says he is. Like when Bruno (remember, he is reallll Gay) joined the Cheerleaders in a Cheer on the sideline of an Alabama-Mississippi football game in front of 85,000 people and later savagely interviewing fans and football players. He was nearly attacked by some fat racist fan; of which there were 85,000. This was aired on the Ali G Show. During the filming of Borat, members of Borat's crew were arrested 6 times. This is Guerilla Theater. So anyway, we were finally watching our movie and the Thunder had finally moved on to Greener pastures, so it was quiet outside.

In the next 2 hours we watched some of the funniest, most bizarre movie scenes I have ever seen. Borat's wife and 'Home Town', Borat's Hotel room fight with Azamat Bagatov over PamELa, the incredible Borat rendition of the Kazakh National Anthem at the Rodeo and his final kidnapping of PamELa made us laugh so frikkin' hard, my whole head hurt for hours. "PamELLa, I no longer Love you....pause....! "

At some point Supe had returned from Longhorns pretty tired. He was going to turn in, but let's let Supe tell it......

"I was beat from throwing 2000 pitches in the RB Game. I grabbed some coffee and went to the lobby to meet my dad and step Mom. We went out to longhorns for a nice dinner. After they dropped me off, I figured I already missed movie night with the boys, so I figured i'd head to my room and watch Casino Royale for the 6th time. As I walked down the hall and approached the Bordello, I could hear the howls of laughter How Much!?! emitting from the room. I realized they were not watching James Bond, and from the laughter I knew they must have rented Borat. Once I opened the door to Borat and his friend wrestling naked in their Hotel room, while Fluff, Nails, "Mike", and Ski wiped tears of laughter from their eyes, I realized I was home"

Man, we were really back to where we was. We laughed some more and headed back to our rooms in a great mood. We even stopped by Supe's and 2-Tee's room to watch some of the Nor'easter DVD footage. Tomorrow we play the Smithereens and the Brewers. We are ready.

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