Fall Guys Clip Bionics in 9th, Grab '07 STNB Opener 9-8

September 22 , 2007
By Jean Baptiste 'Pomp' Charbonneau

STNB Kicked off the fall '07 season in fine fashion (one week late), with a great group of players, a great day, and no little Tommy with his hord of trained mutants. So PLAY BALL!!

Irish, Artie, Knighter

Knight Man with the first pitch

Kenny had the Hill for the Homestanding Boston Pilgrims, and would have to face Murderers row, right off the bat. Ty 'Cobb' Asher, Nor'easter Manny, Omar and Icehouse. Kenny is heading South this winter, better get some time on the Hot Seat.

Kenny got Cob on a fly to Fluff in medium left for the first out, the unstoppable Manny singled, but Omar and Ice popped out to end the top of the first.
The "New Icehouse Lite" , took the mound for the "Contenders". After losing 75 pounds, one day Ice looked in the mirror and said, out loud, I might add, "Damn! i'm handsome now, I should be a pitcher so more people can see me!"
Ice started by K'ing Dentello, and retiring Squeaky on a "comebacker (more on this in a minute) but walked the "Walkin' man" Fluffy. Fluff stole second and Ice walked Tony Mas. Trouble. Hector then greeted Ice with a clutch 2-out (beautiful thing) base hit, scoring Fluff. Supe then lofted a drive to deep center that Nighter or Kappy hauled in for the 3rd out. After 1, 1-0 Pilgrims.

Duck Squeaky! ...Duck!

Squeaky was involved in a rare play in the bottom of the 1st. After digging in against Ice, one of Ice's pitches "Got away from me". and headed for Squeaky's squash. Squeak went down! but his bat stayed straight up, hitting the beanball into fair territory. Ice threw Squeak out on a 2-3 while Squeak lay down in the batters box Squeaking at Pesci. Pesci said "Fugetaboutit! Youse are out!. Squeak grabbed some bench.

MonC, Kenny, Artie, Alex

Kenny continued his mastery of the Contenders in the second. Slow Boat worked around a leadoff single and SB by nails getting Hammer, Nighter and Medi in quick fashion; Nightman on a called 3rd strike 'Freezer'.
The Pilgrims picked up an unearned run in the bottom of the frame by reaching on an error, stealing a base and scoring on a wild pitch.
The Contenders got their only run is the first 5 innings in the 3rd. Kap (the Hitman) singled and moved up on a single by Yong's friend, and scored on Manny's (en fuego!) base hit. Manny can hit.
The Pilgrims would tack on runs in the 3rd and 5th to stretch their lead to 5-1. Fluffy scored in the 3rd on a Mas 2-bagger and MM and Kenny would drive in runs in the 5th on a FC and a double.

After 5, 5-1 Pilgrims.

Contenders Rally Late..Hold on for W

In the top of the 6th and Supe into his 3rd inning of work for the 'Grims, the Contenders got up of the canvas and rallied with 2 outs and nobody on. Back to back to back to back hits by Nails, Hammer, Nightman and Medi made it 5-3. Nightman put the "Grims down in order, to win the inning and mak it a 5-3 game after 6.

Irish and MonC on thMM scores in 5the bench

Turning Point

With Fluff taking over the top of the 7th from Supe, the Contenders got to work.
Yong, Cobb, Manny, Ice and Nails greeted Fluffy with a variety of base hits. Before Fluff settled down and got Hammer, Nightman and Medi, the contenders had tallied 4 times and took the lead, 7-5.

Nightman still had the ball for the Contenders when the pilgrims came to bat in the important bottom of the 7th. The 'Grims were playing from behind for the first time all day. The pressure was on.
Nighter retired Mas and Hector on 6-3's; then Supe roped a double into the LC Gap.

But before you could say, "Fluffy school of Base running", Supe got himself seriously picked off second. Supe did a good job of eluding the tag as he scurried back to the safety of second base. But, thinking he had been called out, he 'Mannied' off the bag and was tagged for real this time, and the Pilgrim inning was over.

After 7, Contenders 7, Pilgrims 5

Pilgrims Turn to Dentello

With Dentello on the mound for the Pilgrims in the 8th, the pressure was on him to keep the game close. Dentello did his job, yeilding harmless singles to Yong and Hammer (en fuego) through the 9th. It was up to Nightman now.

Squeaky led off the bottom of the 9th by reaching on an error. After Fluffy forced hom at 2nd and Mas dug in to hit; the whole world knew Fluff was stealing. After a couple of throws over, Nightman slip pitched to Mas and Fluff took off. Nightman care kept Fluff from getting a great jump and Nails threw a perfect strike to Hammer at 2nd. Yourrrr OUT! says Peci. Son of a BITCH!, says Fluff. Nailed by Hammer and Nails! Mas K's, Contenders win Game 1, 7-5

See you Next Time...Soon

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