Pepsi Ones rally, Hang on Beat Highlifes 9-7

Final TNB 2006 Series ends in satisfying 1-1-1 Series Tie

STNB Begins Sept 16

August 31, 2006
By Haywood Broun

Four months of action was wrapped up Thursday, with the final game of the 6th Series of TNB 2006. We had only 1 rainout. Thank you baseball rain gods. We had 1 new player (Kevin Fry), and something like 15 new players this year . The 2006-7 Baseball fiscal year, which would include TNB, PVOTB, QVOTB, CRVBL, DOMEBALL, and the annual Mon Capitan Baseball Pilgrimage to the Land of Sunshine in Janruary, has an incredible 93 game schedule. Believe me, there are some guys who play all of them too.

2 Handsome Nor'easters

Shuffle the Deck

We had some personel changes for Game 3, Tony Mas moving back to the Highlifes after the loan of the versitile Chef to the Pepsi '9' for a game. Old friend Joey N(eye) joining us and new guy Kevin Fry in the Miller lineup. Pesci was the ump tonight, and we got a 5:30 start to get some extra Daylight.

Kenny had the start for the Home Team 'Ones and was greeted with a single by MadDog to get the game started. Kevin Fry's first ever TNB at-bat was a base hit and the Dentist stroked a double for 2 Ribbi's. IchHouse kept the pressure on with a base knock and a Ribbi. 4-Zip Highlifes.
Kenny bore down and got Danny Williame on a FC and Joe N(eye) turned a nice 6-6-3 DP on a Tony Mas shot up the middle to end the damage. A quick 4 run outburst.

Ice on the Hill

Once again Ice took the starting assignment for the Miller Highlifes, and again he set the Pepsi '9' down in order . That was a fast first inning. Kenny got the Miller '9' out without damage in the 2nd. He had to pitch out of a mini Jam by getting Hammer on a drive to Pepsi center fielder Mike Martindell's mitt with 2 men on.

Kenny thinking things over

Ice would make some trouble for himself in the Pepsi 2nd by walking the bases loaded with nobody out. With the very dangetoud Billy 'The Kid' deSanty up, Ice got Billy to hit a 2 hopper the Mark Chapdelaine at third, who made a nice throw to the armor-clad Dentist for a force at home. One out. MMart got a run home for the Pepsi's with a sac fly to Danny in center, but Nighter popped up the MadDog at short to end the threat. Ice got off the hook cheaply, all things considered. After 2, Highlifes 3, Pepsi's 1.

Mike O's Mound Debut

The Pepsi '9' sent Mike Olkin to the hill to start the 3rd inning. This was Mike's debut on the mound. Like most rookie hurlers, it took him awhile to find the strike zone. After giving free passes to MadDog and Kevin Fry, Mike recorded his first out as a pitcher; a K of the Dentist. Ice then gave MikeO an ERA by singling in a pair of runs. But, Mike escaped further damage by getting outs on grounders to "The Kid" and Joey N(eye). Miked looked pretty good out there, threw strikes and pitched out of a jam.

Checkin the outfield defence

Turning Point

MadDog took the ball for the Miller Highlifes for the bottom of the 3rd. Manny, resplendant in his sharp Nor'easters uniform, greeted him with a single. Manny is a real good hitter, and has been clutch all year. Manny was erased on Joe N(eye)'s FC and Fluffy walked. Nails punched a single for a Ribbi and the 2nd Pepsi tally. MediJ and MikeO singled in runs and Tigerbeast forced Mike for the second out. Kenny took one for the team, loading the bases for Jeff Law. Jeff got a clutch single for a run and Billy drove the dagger in with a 2 run double. The Pepsi '9' is en Fuego! MMart singled in another before Nightman K'd. Holy s**t! a 7-run rally! After 3, Pepsi 8, Miller 5.

The Race to SunDown

The last 3 1/2 innings would feature a parade of pitchers. Danny, Chap, and Hammer for the Highlifes and Nightman, Fluff and Nails for the 'Ones. Nightman started the

parade with an impressive 4th inning, striking out the side, Steve chap and Squeaky looking. Nighter featuring the 'Batwing' slider. Danny W almost escaped damage in the bottom of the fourth, but MikeO chipped in a clutch 2-out single plating 'Bad' Fluffy, who drew a free pass. After 4, 9-6 Pepsi One's.Nighter was cruising through the 5th, retiring Hammer and Chap on grounders, until he got to Kap. Kap took Nighter deep into the count and kept fouling off 'Batwing' sliders until he drove a hard chopper up the middle that Fluff reached, then booted. MadDog drilled a gapper 3-bagger plating Kap before Nighter could retire Kevin Fry (his first out as a TNB player) on a K. Mark Chap retired the Pepsi '9' easily in the 5th, after walking Kenny. After 5, 9-7 Pepsi Ones.

Hammer and Fluff made quick work of the 6th, and with darkness setting in and the yellow baseballs out, the last 2006 TNB inning was about to be played. Nails came in for the Pepsi Ones for the save.

Nails to Nail it Down

Nails waited 8 months for his first save opportunity of 2006. The tough catcher-3rd baseman for the Nor'easters came out throwing strikes. Nails worked around a 2-out error and recorded the last Summer out of 2006 season with th K of our Buddy Squeaks. The Pepsi Ones 9, The Miller Highlifes 7 . Great game, and

ON to the Fall Schedule!!

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