TNB 2008 Opens with Familiar and New Faces

May 1 , 2008
By Meriweather Lewis

TNB opens at New Herlihy on a cool but good baseball weather day. Duse's Wild vs. the Fluff led Emergency Rooms. Play ball!

Ty Maddog

Game 1...Duse's Wild 6, Emergency Rooms 4

The Wild broke thru on Tony with 3 unearned runs in the first 2 innings as Tony fanned 5. Duse worked effectively thru 2 working, out of a jam in the 2nd by fanning MM on a nice inside heater, after MM almost took him into the parking lot.

Hammer and Kenny matched Zeros with MadDog thru 4, Dog pitching out of a bases juiced jam in the 4th. The Wild pushed across 3 more runs off Fluff in the 5th, as Trooth, Wally and Abe solved Fluff's soft stuff. Web shut down the Wild in the 6th, as darkness fell. In the botton of the 6th, Fish ran into some real trouble, with 2 walks and a HBP. Fluff reached on an error and Billy D collected his 3rd hit for 2 ribbis. Eddie reached on an error, and the Classic TNB last inning was ON.

Well, we all Know What Happens in the Last Inning

Four in, no outs, and the tying runs on base with darkness coming fast. TNB Classic. Fish stuck with heaters and K, K, K. Game, Set, Match. Next week will be interesting, guaranteed.

Game 1 Pics and Box