Hartford Senators 19, Whately Pioneers 14

Lats Sunday it was Chilly in Whately; today it is Bloody HOT and in hartford. Today there is some Pomp and circumctance.

The Friends of Vintage Base Ball (click of Game pics) were out and about, organizing the Festivities. Hot Hot HotBuck continued his modest streak of winning coin tosses, and won the right to be home team.

The Senators started blasting away, and when the dust settled, the Senators claimed a 3-0 lead Murph, termie and Buck answered right back with 3 Aces, and after 1, 3-2 Senators.

Act II..looking good for the Pioneers

Innings 2-4 were Pioneer innings. Murph, Termie, Spider, Buck and Slappie kept blasting away at the Senators and piled up a nice 9-5 lead heading into the final 5 innings. The Senator 5th started innocently enough with a pop to Spider; but before you could say 'The Ghost of John Colt' bloop, muff, and bomb to left by Broadway over the fence in left made the score quickly 9-8, and Fleetwood and Pinetar would colaborate for one more Ace to tie things up 9-9 after 5.

Act III..Senators Pin Pioneers

The Pioneers went quietly in the 5th and The Senatord picked right up in the 6th, where they left off in the 5th. The half inning lasted, what seemed like, an hour in a microwave oven. When the wilting Pioneers headed to the safety of the BlueCanope, we were looking at a 15-9 hill to climb.There were but 9 Pioneers on this day, and we were running low on energy. Would we have enough in the tank to mount a comeback? Almost. The Pioneers outscored the Senators 5-4 thru the final frames, but too little too late.
Hartford Senators 19, Whately Pioneers 14