GodDamnits vs. Liches... Games 1 and 2

New Grounds Rules...No Umps, well sort of...

Opening Night got off to a great start with with the presentation of the Commissioner's Trophies. Lich won his second straight ERA Terminator Award, setting up a Clash of the Titans with Termie for this years award, and Web winning his first batting title (The Splendid Splinter award) and also receiving the First Ever Tater Award, he hit 2, a record. So Web got a Very Special Double Dipper trophy!!

Play Ball!

As for the game, X-Man started the season by drawing a leadoff walk from Goddamnit Kenny. Ken got Troop on a comebacker and then Tater King let Supe's grounder pass thru his legs untouched. That's right Batting Champ, it's 2008 now and that big fat contract you got from your career Year won't play for you . All the offseason Broads and boozing didn't work out for him. Might be a long season for Super Web (-:....I kid because i love....

League Leaders ... Web and Lich

X scored on a miscue then Blap plated X with a FC, and the season's first Ribbi was recorded.. Chap was rubbed on a 9-3, welcome to the Dome.
Chap rubbed out the Damnits quickly, then the 2 Lich Rookies Bee dee and Hef bada bing bada boomed for a run. beautiful. See how easy this is fellas??? No further damage.
Duse was a victim of a Buck e-6 and 3 self inflicted wounds for 2 unearned 3rd inning runs, and the Liches had an ominous 6-0 lead after 3 1/2.

Damnits Lurch Back

Faced with extinction the Damnits responded like indestructible cockroaches. Buck knocked a baggie shot to RC to lead off the Damnit 4th. Spin walked and Web reached on an E-6
Termie reached on another Elmer and Duse ropes a Classic Duse to RC and a run. Stu knocked in another and L'l Spot walked. Hammer drove a clutch single to right for 2 more runs. And after 4, a new ballgame at 6-5 Liches.

Tater Time

Blap started the Lich 6th off with the first of his 2 singles. Then Chap (who has quietly become an all-star player) hit an absolute Bazooka shot to center, just to RC . There was no question in my mind (I was catching) that it was a HR, but Termie thought it was just to the right of the legal wedge. After the game we took a team of 'experts' out to the wedge and concluded that the tater call was right. but anyway, Chap killed it and it was at least too close to not give the round tripper to Chap. Web escaped further damage. The damnits responded with a tally in the bottom of the 6th, after 6, 8-6 Liches.

Battle of the Titans

Appropriately, the game came down to Termie-Lich. Termie has NO margin because Lich is unhittable in the Dome with the high gas and the drop ball.
Termie had to squirm out of a bases loaded jam in the 7th after a leadoff E-3, single and a BB. Trouble was averted when Casey snagged Supe's liner and doubled up Lick. Troops grounder to Stu ended the threat.

The Boys blew thru the 8th and with one out Fog had a great at bat and worked Lich for a walk. Fog reached 3rd on an error and scored when Stu stole 2nd. Caset took a called 3rd strile on a nice curveball which eluded Supe momentarily. As Supe recovered and made a nice throw to first to nab Caset, Stu took 3rd. That left it up the Hammer. Hammer worked the count deep and finally sucommed to another Lich hook for strike 3 and the ballgame.

Final Score Liches 8, Damnits 7

Game 2 Liches Destroy Hapless Damnits

Ok, I think the Boxscore will suffice top describe this one-sided massacre. Although Lich and Termie received earnies, and Chap continued with his spotless pitching. Supe made a statement with 4 clean innings as well. The new guys are having a great offensive start, so the state are interesting so far. On to the next series...The Naturals vs. The Youkilis