DomeBall...The Final Frontier

Supe's Artful Dodgers 8, G'DIK's Colt 45's 4

by S.L. Utter

Bernardston, November 27, 2006, The Dome.We win, and then we run!

Welcome Domers

The 2006-7 Season got under way in it's usual way, with an X-Man single up the middle, followed by a stolen base. Domeball begins again, our first Robin.

After a Fluffy walk, the season's first Ribbi was collected by Supe, and it was quickly 1-0 Dodgers. Mike "Mr Cub" Davey followed with a Ribbi single in his first Dome at-bat. Mike is one of the 6 Dome rookies that were at the Dome for the opener. After a FC and a walk to Lich, Chap was in plenty of hot water in his first inning, but managed to pitch out of the bases loaded 1-out jam inducing a combacker and a K. It could have been worse than a 2 run half inning deficit.

Supe opens for the Artful dodgers

Shorty, the first batter for the 45's, and a rookie himself, ripped one of Supe's first pitches into the left field corner for a double to lead off the bottom of the first. Supe was dipped in more hot water as Ice and Kenny singled, producing a run. Supe escaped further damage by getting Laz to turf to second and inducing an inning ending DP. After 1, 3-1 Dodgers.

Trouble for Colt 45's

Chap got 2 quick K's to start the Dodger 2nd, But X-Man singled and stole 2nd again. Fluff singled to the RC Tarp scoring X. Supe walked and eventually scored with Fluff on singles by Ed, X and Ice schmooze in 1st inning Ski, "Mr Cub" and Lich. When the dust settled the score was 5-1 Dodgers after an inning and a half.
The 45's struck right back in the bottom of the 2nd with 4 straight singles by Joe, Chap, Blapi and Termie, scoring 2 runs. Supe quelled the uprising with a K and another DP. After 2, 5-3 Dodgers.

Game Settles Down

Laz came in for the 45's to start the 3rd, throwing pretty hard. Laz got through the inning without a score, pitching around a couple of walks.
Ski was on the hill for the Dodgers to start the 45's third. Ski got two quick outs, but then singles by Laz, Manmaid and Joe were good for a run, the Ribbi to Joe. After 3, 5-4 Dodgers.
Laz started the top of the 4th by sawing off Fluff on a 3rd base foul line baggie shot. Fluff thought the ball was foul, it wasn't, and he grabbed some bench. You have to run everything out in the Dome. Lesson learned!
Supe followed with a Bazooka shot that scraped the netting in Dead Center and then punched the Tater Wedge in left center for the year's first Home Run. That would be it for the Dodgers though, and after 3 1/2 the score stood at 6-4 Dodgers.
Ski took the 45's down 1-2-3 in the 4th. 6-4 after 4, Dodgers.

G'DIK Debuts in the Dome

(GoddammitKenny) took the mound for the 45's 5th, his first taste of Dome hurling. Kenny pitched well, giving up an unearned run, MediJ scoring on an X-Man double. X-Man doesn't have that name for no reason. 7-4 Dodgers after 4 1/2
Fluff was making his 2006 Dome hill debut for the 45's 5th. Would the "Slutter" work in the Dome? Ice was taunting Fluff from the 45's bench, still licking his wounds from the Golden Slutter Sombrero he was wearing from the last TNB game.
"No wind today Fluff!" said Ice That's Right...EVERY Time
Fluff doesn't respond to taunts. He lets the Slutter do the talking.
("Bring it on Ice Cube!")
Fluff spent 8 or so pitches on a tough Kenny at-bat, finally retiring him.
Ice stepped to the plate. He crushed Fluff's first pitch, a change-up curve that was meant to be low, into the left center power alley baggie. OK, Round 1 to Ice.
"Next time he'll see only Slutters" , Fluff said after the game.
After a FC and a Manmaid single, Fluff escaped with no damage. After 5, 7-4 Dodgers.

Kenny pitched effectively inthe 6th, allowing a run on a Supe single and a FC groundout by "Mr. Cub" 8-4. Dodgers after 5 1/2
Hammer pitched the 45 6th , and dispatched the Colt 45's on about 10 pitches. The Dodgers were hoping to see the Hammer "Peen Move" to first, but he was too effective to allow a runner. After 6, 8-4 Artful Dodgers.

The "Closers"

The 7th, 8th and 9th were dominated by the pitchers. ManMaid and Terminator for the 45's and lich for the Dodgers. They struck out 9 and gave up 4 harmless singles. The game ended with a blistering Lich strike 3 fastball.
The Artful Dodgers draw first blood with an 8-4 Dome win in a game played in 2:30 ....It was great to be back in the Dome.

See you Monday!


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