Whately Pioneers Vintage Base Ball Club

Eddie 'Pop' Sabelawski

Pop is a master striker

Eddie "Pops" Sabelawski comes to the Pioneers for the 2008 season on a
two-for-one major deal. Buck made an initial Bonus offer of $50 cash, plus a Cow and an Emu for the services of Zack 'Kid' Sabelawski.
Pops was surprised and a little upset by this:
"Hey, I thought you were coming to sign ME for the Pioneers"

Buck, not wanting to lose Kid said:
"Of course I want you too Pop, and i'll even throw in a rooster to sweeten the deal for both of you.".

Pops felt as though it was his duty as a father to play with his son.
"I'm a Pop....that's what Pops do, and we'll take that rooster now if you don't mind.

Pops comes to the Pioneers with a little rust, not having played the great American game since his yoot.
But Pop has loved to play in the garden since he was a young lad, and the surprised Buck had to admit that he had no idea the Pop could play with such skill.
"If I'd a known that Pop had this much game, I would'a thrown in 2 roosters when i was takin' him with the Kid"

With Capt'n Buck of the Pioneers taking Pops under his wing to teach him the subtle fineries game, Pops has learned a valuable life lesson....and imparted this to 'Kid'
"Do as Buck says, not as he does......."!

Termie feels pop's pain...and smiles
Pop with head of steam rounds 3rd sack and heads for home