What a Great Day

May 26 , 2007
By Buck

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After a couple of scrimmages, we were ready for our first real vintage base ball game at the Home of the Westfield Wheelmen; led by our friends Gunner and Matches and Nick 'Ghost' Avery .

Let's Go...shoulda took Bugs too

Perfect Place to Play

The Westfield base ball field was a flat grass meadow the the Wheelmen had groomed for the game; short grass in the infield medium grass in the garden. It was a glorious 80 degree Spring day. Quiet and private. A perfect spot for one of life's spontaneous small miracles; a base ball game .

Spider and Hammer, Matches and Gunner
A perfect Spring Day...it sure is a Hummer
To Home Plate 'Mike' makes a Bee line
Once Pesci calls out, "Striker to the Line"!

Fine Game Pictures