Fossils vs Nor'easters 2006

The Road to Sarasota

Game 1 September 30

Hammer Bringing it!

Ah, it seems like a dream now, a victory over the Fossils, and the Terminator. It all seemed so... so...RIGHT!
Little did we know that this would be the last sip of Victory over the Fossils this year. The game itself was well played and well pitched. The 5th would be the Fossils undoing, the major damage being an opposite field flair by Manny with the bases full, scoring 3 runs, as the Nor'easters took their first lead. The Nor'easters would take it to the House for an 8-5 win, closed out in Traditional Nor'easter fashion with Bullet on the Hill. But soon the Nor'easters would find out that Bullet's knee would take him off the board and that would not be good news for the "We Blow" 9.

Game 2 October 14, 2006

A mighty pitch...a mighty hack

Sweet Revenge for the Fossils. After 4 straight Losses to the Nor'easters (or Legends), the Fossils exploded for 18 runs in the 5th thru 8th innings to annihilate the stunned and as yet, unbeaten Nor'easters. The Nor'easters took their usual 1st inning lead off Terminator, 2-0 in the top of the first. This lead would last for about 5 batters into the bottom of the frame as the Fossils unloaded. The Fossils took a managable (from the Nor'easter's perspective) 6-3 lead into the 5th before the Fossil explosion would spell the beginning of the end the Nor'easter winning streak at 8. Every player on the Fossils had a great day, the Nor'easters had 13 hits, but not enough today. The Fossils just crushed the Nor'easters, plain and simple.

The Hammer Report:
In a disastrous outing for the Nor’easters pitching committee, they gave up 28 hits for 24 runs – 20 of them earned – along with 5 walks and 3 strike outs. Rick “2-Tee” Fleurent was the only Nor’easter pitcher to escape without allowing an earned run. Both teams stranded enough for a good sized orgy with the Fossils leaving 12 on base and the Nor’easters leaving 13.
The Nor’easters staff also gave up doubles to John O’Neil, Kurt Austin, Omar, Borges, Rich Bissell, Quentin Carr, Nightman, and Mike Leduc; triples to John O’Neil and Sammy Santiago; and a home run to The Dentist.
The Nor’easters did manage to turn one double play but it’d be hard put it into the highlight column.

Game 3 October 29, 2006

The Freakin' ManWell, after a Saturday rainout, Mother nature smiled (OK, smirked) on the Fossils and Nor'easters again on October 29, 2006. Rubber Game time, Termie had the boys geared up and the Nor'easters were ready.
As usual, there was plenty of first inning action. The visiting Fossils jumped to a 2-0 lead in the top of the 1st. And, of course, the Nor'easters roughed up Termulus in the bottom of the Frame. That is the inning that you get to Termie if you are going to. But, that is pretty typical of a good command pitcher, finding his stuff, trying to not pay the price in the 1st.

But after the 4-2 happy Times first inning for the Nor'easters, the Nor'easter hitters did NADA off Terminator, Nightman and Lich. Ice and Supe were on base all day long for the Home Town Heros going 9-10. Well, the Nor'easters have lost a series, and played fairly poorly doing it. Thanks Fossils, we needed that! Baseball just ain't that easy .
One moment of levity for the Nor'easter 9. Hammer "Peened" Nightman cleanly in the third. The 're-animation' pickoff move was too much for Nightie. He stood in the baseline mesmerized, just waiting to be harvested.

On To Sarasota!