Whately Pioneers Vintage Base Ball Club
Mike 'Nails' Mercier


"We don't win some and lose some....We win, and then we win" .
Nails is as famous for the genre of photography he invented, referred to in National Magazines as 'JBL', as he is for his catching durability and intrepid attitude. Nails is also well known for his practical jokes, such as the 'Flaming Dog S**t Missile' and 'Cherry Bomb' Ball.
Nails ownes a car known as the 'Deathmobile' and a Pick Up Truck that is so freakin' high you need a rope to get in it. Nails truck is also equipped with an anatomically correct set of Bull Testicles swinging from the trailor hitch . Really, you gotta see it.

Nails ties game with huge strike Nails averting certain death...an errant pitch from Matches