Who ARE the 'Cool Jerks'

We ARE!! the Cool Jerks! Cool jerk, cool jerk, cool jerk, cool jerk This cat theyíre talking about I wonder who could it be ícause I know Iím the heaviest cat The heaviest cat you ever did see When you see me walking down the street And they clapping and they speak All the business they wish to whisper it But they know Iím the king of the cool jerks Ah ha ha Look at them guys looking at me like Iím a fool Ah but deep down inside they know Iím cool I said now, I said now the moment of truth has finally come When I was gonna do some, some of that cool jerk All right, now I want to hear a little bit Of the drums by himself here All right, now I want to hear a little bit of A bass with those eighty-eights All right, now letís hear the organ player fall in All right now everybody, I wanna hear you howl Ah youíre cooking, youíre smoking Come on people can you do

Who ARE the 'Foo Kin 2-Tees'?

We ARE the Foo Kin Johns 这是2 时并且它看起来象大声的freakin 声音,它必须是train!My 计算机被碰撞的雨,商店是混乱A 电话从在哪里!? 。。这必须是测试赞成放松,时钟只认为3 它很快是人和TEEE NB! 但等待,阿伦无法做它并且鲍伯有一个疼痛膝盖! 我将叫它是最后5 Kenny Mas 并且甚而2 发球区域,电话可能敲响商店的在火吗? 我不能看事物! 装载臭虫在范,我们一定的领域! 比赛的在一个小时内,我们必须修饰我们这里在在比赛的土墩,它是我的轮投2 步行和炸弹,B**ch 的儿子! 我这里在以我的朋友并且臭虫不介意为我那里不是nothin ' ol ' 夏令