Bullet Craft...Fine Fast Floating Fleet

The Canoe January 14, 2008:

Man at work..play?

The Shell December 18, 2007:

Time to Go!

November 1, 2008
OK, let's get the boats wet. Bullet the gang of us head to Norwich Pond in huntington, Ma. for some canoeing, Kayaking, and shelling. A brisk, sunny day it is, and I haven't seen his flotilla in action. I also have never put my Kayak in the water.

Even harder than it looks

Rowing a Shell is a combination of movements that have to be very precise. First of all, you have to maintain your center of gravity or you will flip the Shell.
You push your hands forward, one on top of the other, with the blades of the oars parallel to the water.If you hit an oar tip in the water you will lose your rythm and turn the shell. Then, with you hands in the full forward position, you spin your handsand turn the blades perpendicular to the water, dip them in and...PULL!!

Repeat perfectly about a thousand times and you be heading backwards fast. Turning is done with care. You can just pull with one oar or dip an our in the water, creating a drag. But the Shell is very tricky to keep balanced, and you have to do this with care.