M & M Trail Section 15 part 1

North Leverett to Wendell State Forest and Ruggles Pond with J, Sue and Bullet

Bullet's off-season workout

A warm November day, like Summer with no Bugs (I mean insects, of course we have Bug!)...Hikin' Time!

Terrain Map of the hike

November 5 , 2005 The Bullet workout Trek from Leverett to Wendell (click for trail guide)

This stretch is a nice short 4 mile hike from the power lines on North Leverett Rd to Montague Rd and then to Ruggles Pond. We are leaving the Saw Mill river behind ascending the north slope of the Saw Mill river valley up along Diamond Match Ridge. The hike includes Laurel, White Pine, a beautiful meadow and a creek.

Terrain map of the hike

Players ask, "In this long 1 month off-season, what can I do to keek in tip-top game shape?"
So TNB asked Bullet how he keeps is such teriffic shape, and he was kind enough to give us a demonstration. "I prefer 'Mother Nature's Gym", meet me at the Leverett Co-op Saturday morning and i'll show you what I mean. Well we did that, and what a day it was! First, Bullet bought 5 lbs of goat cheese from one of the colorfull locals. Bullet knows everybody at the Co-op and spent about a half hour introducing us to all his interesting friends. Finally it was time to "Get to work". And Work we did!
The next 3 hours changed our lives, we'll never go to "City" Gyms again! It's mother Nature for us; I know it will put another few feet on B.Fluffy's Heater next season.
(ed. note: That didn't happen see: New England Orthopedic Surgeons )

See You Soon!

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