5-5-16 Grays 6, Wonderboys 6

Game 1 of season II of TNO50 ended in a 6-6 tie with the Grays breaking out first and the Wonderboys knotting the score in the darkness of an early spring game.

Highlights in no particular order:

The Warning Letter from The Commissioner

Here is the letter of warning you requested. Please deliver it for me to Jeff and convey to him all the seriousness that it entails.

For those not aware, we had an incident in Thursday night's game involving  a new player,  Jeff Chateauneuf (#4),  that had the potential to be quite ugly.

Chateauneuf was hit somewhere on the lower legs with a pitch from Jay Sadowski. It was not intentional and Chateauneuf was simply unable to skip out of the way. He immediately popped up, fired his bat into the ground and screamed "what the fuck?" He glared at Jay and may have taken a step toward him before the catcher Steve Power interceded. This led to an exchange of obscenities between the two and both benches emptied. 
I don't have to tell any of you that such actions are unacceptable. Quite simply, to paraphrase Danny Glover's character from the Lethal Weapon series, "We're all too old for this shit."

Chateauneuf was spoken to twice by me - once at the game, and one after the game. In each occasion he presented himself as the injured party and tried to direct the blame elsewhere.
I'm not having it. 

If in future games, any of you witness conduct by him that reflects poorly on what we are working to create with this league, let me know, and I will deal with it accordingly. As I say in the letter to him, the next incident is strike 2, and he does not get a strike 3. 

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