Davenport Farm

A Hike, some maple sugar and some conversation at Davenports farm and Fire Tower

December 3, 2006, March 29, 2009, March 19, 2011, March 3, 2013

The Patten District December 3, 2006

Many years ago I visited the Fire Tower above the Davenport Farm with my friend Keven. I returned one day 30 years later with Bug to visit the Fire Tower and take some pictures of the Farm. This is a Family Farm in a special spot in Western Massachusetts; where a handful of families settled almost 300 years ago. Among them was Archibald Lawson, who purchased the original 50 acre farm in 'Deerfield Northwest' for 50 yds of cloth in 1760. The Mountain was called Bald Mountain then. Now it's called Mt Massaemett and the farm is 225 acres. The Davenports have been there for 100 years this year; and the Tower 104. Here is a bit more of the History of the Patten District.

Today we were fortunate to find Mr Davenport at work and had a nice chat. After, Bug and I, with Mr. Davenports permission, took a hike up to the Fire Tower, and the magnificent 5 state view.

March 29, 2009

OK, time for some pancakes! It's been 3 years since Bug and I visited the Davenport Farm. It would be Bug's last. But we had a good time, and Bug had a Davenport breakfast.

March 19, 2011

The Sugar House in action

Well, Bug has left us, sadly. Buddy has joined the team, and he is welcome. Buddy and Bug are very different dudes and I love them both. Today we joined up with my friend Kevin again, and set off for the day. Our first stop is Davenports, and then we traced the path back down into the Valley towards Deerfield; the traditional trek the settlers in the Patten District traveled to Old Deerfield.

March 3, 2013

This year we got an early start on Pancake season. But, since the late winter has been consistantly cold, the sap isn't flowing yet, so the steamer will be quiet for a couple more weeks. Mr. Davenport was in the restaurant this morning and we had a nice chat. After a great pancake and sausage breakfast with 2012 light amber syrup, Buddy and I checked out the Farm and then hiked on a snowmobile trail between Patten Rd. and Little Mohawk Rd. Let's return March 17th and see what's shakin'.

Talking with Mr Davenport