Nor'easters Hit Below the belt?

Best Record, Beat the Rebels and Thunder but 3rd Place?

by Supe



There’s nothing like the feeling of playing a triple header against three very good teams and beating them all. The cold beer John kept in the ‘fridge was a close second. After showering with Papi the thrills, however, were about to come to an end.
Now we knew losing to the Black sheep was costly, we were about to find out exactly how costly. I grabbed another beer and Bullet and we went to check the final seedings.

Are you Kidding Me?

Ok, 1st I noticed was we were playing the Scouts again, weird, and then I see we were listed as 3rd place.

 “3rd place? FTF Bullet!” I said in astonishment.

I check to see who was in the “championship” game. The Thunder vs. The Rebels.
The Thunder vs. The Rebels???
Huh? Didn’t we just beat both those teams??? We have the best record, 5-1, and we finished 3rd??
I asked Bullet if this crazy new math made sense, and the big guy took a sip of his beer and  unfortunately said, ...“yeah, …sorta”.

This was one of those things that slowly builds to major annoyment. The more we thought about, the less sense it seemed to make. Here we are, with the best record in the entire tournament and we not only were not in the “championship” game, we finished 3rd!
The grumbling continued throughout the team, throughout the night and even on the plane ride home.
We ended up beating our friends the scouts on Sunday, Ski coming through with a clutch pitching performance, to finish the tournament with the best overall record 6-1, 3rd place. Makes all the sense in the world…pause