Bug and Buck...Gap Mountain Sec. 21...December 5, 2004

Leif Bugsensen on Gap Mountain

Intelligent People...Amazing...Figures one is Israeli and one is French

Troy NH over Gap Mt. to the foot of Mt. Monadnock...December 5, 2004 M-M Trail Section 21

This section of the M-M Trail takes you from picturesque Troy, NH, to a trail that heads out of town and treks up and over Gap Mountain. After ascending the Mountain, you stand on a rock plateau and can look forward to Mt Monadnock, and back (south) to Little Mt Monadnock. This was one of my favorite hikes because of the amazing views in all directions.


Troy is a pleasant little NH town, pretty and nicely laid out, with a long Commons-like Main Street. To get here we traveled north on Rt 12 through Fitzwilliam (another Town that you have to see) to Troy Center. After checking out Troy and watching Bug meet a local Canine American, we backtracked south on 12 to Quarry Road and parked the Sienna on the side of the road where the trail heads due east to Fern Hill. I lost the pictures of this section, and that is a crime. There was a public spring on this inclining road, and someone was using it to water their livestock in a very creative way. The day was both Sunny and Cloudy, warmish and coldish, depending on the minute. This was a great day for a hike.

The Hike to Gap Mountain

Skortly after Fern Hill the Trail passes over a fork of Quarry Brook and some beautiful stone walls and pastures. There is an especiall nice stretch where you walk a meadow along some stone walls. Bug and I stopped here and took some pictures and had a snack. I wish I had those pictures now. All I have is my shaky memory. The trail meanders this way for awhile until the Trail starts ascending up to Gap Mountain. The climb became steep and we were treated to views of Mt Monadnock to the East and Troy and Little Mt Monadnock to the West . We continued to the North Peak and were greeted with a seriously impressive view of next weeks hike, Mt Monadnock. Hopefully it won't snow beteen now and then (it did). We stopped here and chatted with 2 nice hikers and I took one of my all time favorite Bug photos which I call 'Leif' Bugssensen.Gap Mountain Map

We descended down the North side of the Mountain and into a ravine, heading east. To our right, the cliffs of Gap mountain were extruding ice and we continues downward until we crossed Quarry Brook again on a small wood bridge. This area is criscrossed with stone walls and we crossed Gap Mountain Rd (an extension of Bullard Rd) as a clearing opened up to our left. We detoured into the clearing, and it turned out to be a cul-de-sac dirt parking area with a Map on a post. It was a great map and really helped us orient ourselves.

It was getting late and we had an uphill hike in front of us to backtrack to Troy. Next week Mt Monadnock.