Pioneers vs. Westfield Wheelmen July 7, 2012

Chesterfield 250th Aniversary at Phillip Russell Memorial Park

Congressman Richard Neal Hurls First Ceremonial Pitch

Top of the first, Rep. Neal has just thrown out the ceremonial first pitch, the Cranks have settled in and Pistol Pete, Wheelmen Ace, is ready to hurl.

Saint singles, Babe singles, Sterling reaches on a muff and up comes Lord. The pitch...the swing...the bat meets the ball and the ball hurtles skyward. It's's's....GONE!! The Lord has hit a Grand Slam Home Run and the Pioneers take a 4-0 lead to open the match.

Ricky Bobby holds the Wheelmen at bay for 4 frames and Saint hurls 5 no-hit innings

Match Action Awesomeness